Contractor management services: Making contracting simple

Free up your time and energy – and get paid when you expect to be. When you outsource your payroll, superannuation and insurance management to a professional contractor management company, contracting is made simple. You get reduced costs, better legal protection, and the convenience of having all the fiddly details taken care of for you. It’s the smart way to give your contractor management payroll the priority it needs so you can just focus on what you do best – your work. PayMe offers a cost-effective solution to cover all your contracting needs, including:
  • Payroll. We take care of your payments on behalf of your employer, so you can relax knowing you will always be paid on time, with no delays and no hassles.
  • Insurance. We make sure you are covered for workers’ compensation, professional indemnity and public liability insurance.
  • Superannuation. We manage all your super payments so your long-term plans are in order.
  • Salary sacrificing. We handle the paperwork and management of your salary sacrifice arrangements for work-related items, including car and motorcycle leasing.
  • Living Away From Home Allowance. We can check whether you are eligible for LAFHA payments and if you are, we’ll manage the paperwork.
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Benefits of using a contractor management company

Like the sound of increased yearly earnings, better legal protection, and less time and stress spent on paperwork? There are plenty of benefits of using professional contractor management services. To start with, your bank account will thank you. PayMe charges just one small flat fee, and even after you take this out, your yearly income could increase from anywhere between 2% and 4%, simply by letting a qualified and experienced company take care of all the details. You’ll also benefit from having a professional complete and manage your ATO and insurance paperwork, and you can relax in the knowledge that you have comprehensive insurance coverage and legal protection for when you may need it. One of our contractor management payroll consultants will work with you one on one, taking you through the particulars and customise a solution to meet your individual needs.

Why choose PayMe?

Sure, there are other contractor management companies to choose from. PayMe stands out from the pack by offering you:
  • Personalised service. We offer a real-time, personalised service – there is always someone available to assist you.
  • No hidden fees. Don’t worry about being hit with extra costs – we’re up front about what we charge for our services. All you’ll pay is one small flat fee which covers all contractor payroll services.
  • Payment guarantee. Payments are always made on the Friday morning consistent with the pay cycle of your company contract. That means you always know when your money will be arriving in your bank account, so you can safely plan direct debits and manage your finances.

Get your contractor management quote now

To get a clearer picture of how our contractor management services could make your life easier, check out our online calculator. Or for more information or to speak to someone directly, get in touch with one of our friendly and experienced consultants now. We’ll provide you with a detailed quote, giving you a breakdown of fees and superannuation and an accurate summary of how much you will receive with each payslip.