PayMe Novated Leasing

A cost-effective, stress-free solution

Here’s how it works. A novated car lease allows you to enter into an agreement where your lease obligations are transferred to your employer, so you save time, money and hassle.

All your usual costs of running a vehicle, including fuel, tyres, registration, insurance, servicing, repayments, roadside assistance, along with the purchasing cost of the car itself – are bundled up together into one easy payment, which your employer makes on your behalf out of your salary.

This arrangement is also commonly known as a salary sacrifice or salary packaging, and it saves you money in three key ways. First, you can make great savings on the purchase price of your new car through PayMe’s national preferred supplier network. You also save on GST by grouping all your running and maintenance costs together, and you save by paying less income tax. It’s the perfect cost-effective, stress-free solution.