Please accept my deep thanks for this lease quote – this is the first time that anybody has got so close to using the figures I supplied – every single other quote I have had in the past has needed me to query and check and correct things supplied in the quote – from using pre/post-GST figures, to double counting, to using wrong figures etc I have had the lot. Your accuracy is far, far better than anybody else!

Edwin Mak


PayMe Rocks! I love PayMe. You guys are always quick to respond to any problems or enquires I have had. If there was ever a problem PayMe would pounce into action, fix the problem than phone me. The communication between PayMe and myself was fantastic and nothing was ever too hard or any question to silly.

My employer made me use another company, but it wasn’t until I left PayMe that I realised how great PayMe was. I am always chasing the new company up for one thing or another and it is so frustrating. I can’t wait to return to PayMe when I change employers.

John McQuillan


I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to help me out and then following up to ensure everything was successful. Your customer service skills are exceptional. Thank you again, I am very happy!

Carmelo Addamo


I have found the staff I’ve spoken with at PayMe to be very polite, helpful and not intrusive. It all simply works just without me having to even thinking about it.

Thanks for doing exactly what you are meant to do…perfectly :)

Tom Zelenka


Thank you very much for the incredibly professional service you provided me over the past two and a half years. Despite a complicated fortnightly/monthly arrangement I imposed on you, you managed to correctly render payslips and correctly pay me on time every time. I particularly liked the fact that superannuation was deposited every month too, and that whenever I had a problem with tardy timesheets from my end, your staff were quick to assist and support me so that pay runs still happened on time.

Chris Piscopo


I would like to thank you all and the rest of the PayMe team, for providing me with an extremely professional and high level payroll service.

PayMe was extremely helpful with my vehicle packaging and always on top of things. Thank you for paying me every week.

If I need to undertake contract work again, I will be sure to use PayMe again and I will recommend your services in the future.