Contractor FAQs

Q: How does payroll work for Contractors?

PayMe offers a comprehensive, real-time payroll service specialised for IT Contractors. Initially, PayMe works with your recruitment company to set up your contract by providing the insurances to cover you. PayMe also pays your tax, superannuation to a fund of your choice, including Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

Q: How do I Obtain a Letter of Employment?

Because we are the company that pays you, we can provide a letter of employment if you are in the process of obtaining a rental property or if you are applying for a bank loan. We can even speak directly to your real estate agent or to your financier if needed.

Q: What are PayMe’s Fees?

PayMe has a flat fee for all your payroll needs, including insurances, comprehensive salary sacrificing, Living Away from Home Allowance and novated leasing. Our fee is salary sacrificed. There are no entry or exit fees; no additional fees ever. You can visit our Pay Calculator to identify our fee, your taxable pay, and your superannuation. If you’d like more detail in a sample payslip, or have any questions, call us on 1800 082 006!

Q: What happens if I don’t receive my pay on the day I am expecting?

PayMe provides each contractor which a payment schedule so you can plan all your financial management needs with the knowledge that you will be paid on the payment schedule date. If for any reason you have not been paid, don’t be concerned! Simply call us on 1800 082 006 and your payment will be in your bank account within four hours; guaranteed.

Q: How do you guarantee my pay is set up correctly?

All our new contractors' pay is quality assured by our in-house Certified Practicing Accountant CPA and tax agent to ensure compliance with the ATO requirements.

Q: If I can’t get my timesheet in on time will you still pay me on time?

One of the many benefits of joining PayMe is that we act with compassion and understand the need for payment on-time every-time. We know that supervisors are not always available to sign your timesheet on time, and likewise you may fall ill on the day timesheets are due. If you know you won’t get your timesheet in on time; please call us so you have added confidence that you have advised us. Likewise; if we don’t receive your timesheet on time, we will contact you to find out why, and then assure you that all is well for payday. If you have an urgent financial need due to an unforeseen circumstance, we can in special circumstances provide an advance if you contact us to discuss your situation.

Q: If I have an existing novated lease, do I have to bring it across to PayMe?

PayMe has an exclusive partnership with Alliance Leasing. As part of an unprecedented nationwide agreement, all PayMe contractors receive complimentary novated leasing services. Whilst it is compulsory to move your novated lease across to Alliance Leasing, we make the process quick and easy. As an added benefit you will not pay monthly management fees, entry fees or exit fees in your novated lease. Zero fees will save a PayMe contractor thousands each year.

Q: How do I join PayMe?

The best way to join PayMe is to go to our web site at, and click on “Join PayMe“. This secure form will allow you to enter all your personal details and bank details. It also allows you to view the contract for payroll services that PayMe requires all contractors agree to before they join PayMe. Once you submit the join form, we will provide an email with a copy of the PayMe contract for payroll services, a tax file declaration and a superannuation choices form.

Q: Where are you located?

Our head office is in Canberra and our regional offices are in Brisbane and Perth. We provide services to all areas of Australia.

Q: Can I be paid into more than 1 account?

Yes, you can be paid into three accounts, simply let us know on the join form, or notify us by email to and we will make the change.

Q: Is there an additional fee if I am claiming Living Away from Home Allowance (LAFHA)?

No, LAFHA is included in the flat fee, please refer to our LAFHA information page to see if you are eligible.

Simplify your contractor pay arrangements today

Simply click on the Join PayMe button, fill out the secure form, read and agree to our Contract for Payroll Services.

From there, we will send you the paperwork you need to complete for tax and superannuation purposes and we will contact your recruitment company to complete your contract.

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