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Have a guaranteed Pay Day

Do you want a guaranteed pay day so you can manage your money, set up direct debits and pay your bills on time?

With PayMe you are provided with a guaranteed payday so you can receive your pay regularly, NOT after we receive your money from the Recruitment Company.

PayMe offers, all salary packaging, including living away from home allowance(where eligible) and novated car leasing all in-house so no paying more when you want to take advantage of these tax minimisation strategies.

Want to take a holiday but don’t want to miss out on being paid, with PayMe’s unique BankIT arrangement you can now take holidays and still be paid.

PayMe, it’s all in the package.

We can also help you with your car lease.

Switch to PayMe and your lease comes free*

*PayMe will pay any lease renovation fee for you.

*Does not include exit fees.

Use our free on-line calculator and join on-line today so you can stop worrying about when you will be paid and start living the life you deserve.

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Novated Leasing

Save 10% instantly on the vehicle purchase price. Save again on all your running costs. You don’t have to be a large income earner to take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

Check out our handy calculator to find out how car leasing costs you less per month than a personal loan.

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Salary Packaging

Salary packaging allows you to buy a range of everyday items out of your pre‑tax salary rather than your after‑tax salary, and in the end you have more cash in hand.

Most employers and employees don’t salary package because they don’t know about it! It’s that simple! Enquire now so you can use this ATO approved way of restructuring your income.

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Contractor Payroll

Be paid on time, every time guaranteed at one flat fee.…… no hidden charges.

We pay you before we are paid by your recruitment company, even if your timesheet is late. That way you can safely plan direct debits for pay Fridays.

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